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Certified and Authorized by T A P P S through basic training per the TN CODES ANNOTATED, and the Rules and By- laws of the Tennessee Association of Professional Process Servers to serve all Civil Process in the State of Tennessee.

Our Professional Process Servers and Investigators deliver many forms of legal documents such as subpoenas, writs, summons, complaints, orders and other court documents to a defendant or an individual involved in a court case. He or she must serve all documents in accordance with the legislation and court rules in the area of service.
In the United States, legal procedure requires that each party in a case should be justly notified if any actions are to be taken against them in a court of law, or justly notified when there are actions to be taken in court regarding their case. This is part of The Due Process of Law. There are many rules regarding the method by which the parties are notified. You should consult the Rules and Regulations, and Procedures in your state for details.
When someone is sued, he or she has the constitutional right to be notified. How else can that person justly defend him or herself? In most states, civil defendants are notified by being served with a Complaint and some form of a Summons, which requires that person to present his or her defense in a court of law. If they do not respond they may lose their case by default. And, in most states this Complaint & Summons has to be delivered or served to the defendant IN PERSON (process server).

We now cover all of  Tennessee, with field representatives and investigators located in Memphis, Nashville, Murfreesboro, McMinnville, Clarksville, Lebanon, Knoxville, and the Tri-Cities in east Tennessee we provide professional process service through our trained employees.  As a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers we serve legal papers for our clients and fellow NAPPS members Nationwide. Call today for our competitive rates for professional process service. 


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Service areas: All Tennessee Counties

  • Rutherford, Davidson, Williamson, Shelby, and Knox Counties  ...........................................................................................$55.00
  • Surrounding counties…….…$65.00  
  • Call or email for a free quote on all serves outside of the Counties listed  
  • Rutherford County attempted service within 72 hours on standard SOP (non-rush)
  • The Counties of
    Middle Tennessee

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