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Insurance Fraud / Pre Employment / Background Services
Insurance Fraud • Asset Verification • Background Search • Pre-employment

Insurance Fraud
 The Watchmen Group, Investigations Incorporated is dedicated to meeting the needs of our Clients within the Insurance Industry.  The result of our Commitment is our Premier Investigative Services Division, "PI Services" with a sole purpose to provide excellant client service in a professional atmosphere and with the industry needs as our beacon.  PI Services, in a partnership with Talon Security is dedicated to provide industry leading results in a time and cost efficient manner.  Our network of Investigative Specialist will exceed expectations while providing excellant video documentation, professionally written reports, and utilizing a Client friendly Case Management System.  PI Services offers flat rate surveillance and hourly rates when necessary.  We'll conduct all your investigations, whether it is Surveillance on a Claimant, an Alive and Well Check, or an Activity Check, including discrete neighbor interviews and a local Court Search.  Premier Invesitgative Services (PI Services) now offers regional services for our Insurance Fraud Clients covering Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisana, Kentucky, and Ohio.
Insurance fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes.  Statistics show that 5% to 15% of all claims are fraudulent.  This does not include claims that are exaggerated. The average Workers Compensation claim alone accounts for $6,000 to $63,000 in benefits, medical, and administration costs.  The indirect cost to the employer for lost productivity, overtime, rehiring & retraining of replacement staff can be 3 to 5 times greater than costs to the insurer.
The Watchmen Group, Investigations utilizes technology to enhance our ability to obtain quality video evidence and prepare clear, comprehensive reports. We offer an aggressive style of investigation that our statistics show produce results. Discretion and patience are the hallmarks of our Claimant Surveillance business.

Asset Verification and Investigations
Now you can get the financial picture on any individual or company.  The Watchmen Group, Investigations will professionally investigate using a broad range of discreet and legal methods to obtain the information you need.  We provide asset investigations to individuals, attorneys, insurance providers, small businesses and large corporations. 
• Bank Accounts - State, National, & Overseas - Locate Cash and Activity
• Financial Profile - Credit Summary - Equity in Real Estate - Primary Residence - Secondary Homes - Farm / Land - Rental Property -
• Equity in Real Property
Automobiles - Hidden Assets - Liens & Judgments- Bankruptcies
Complex matters will be set up in defined stages. Every case is unique, so please contact us to discuss your specific situation.  We will allocate the appropriate hours to provide you with the results you need.  All information is obtained by legal investigative methods in compliance with national privacy laws and permissible purposes.


Background Search

  • • Employee Background Investigations:  Tennessee Arrest History - Tennessee Driver's License / MVR - National Sex Offender Search
  • • Tenant Background Investigations:  Tennessee Court Records and Evictions - Tennessee Arrest History - Nationwide Liens, Bankruptcies, Judgments and
  •   Foreclosures & Credit Report
  • • Personal Background Search:  Is a powerful report to be used for background information on a potential employee, individual, spouse, witness, skip or missing persons. • This report will provide you with the following information: name and address of subject for the last 10 to 20 years, previous names or aliases, verification of
  •   social security number, state where it was issued, date of birth, telephone numbers, tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcies.