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Our services include: Undercover surveillace; Covert drug testing in automobiles, on clothing, book bags, purses, and personal belongings; GPS Tracking of vehicles, including 15 second live feed information and stored information for post investigation reporting. We understand that these situations are stressful and we practice the highest level of discretion, integrity, and professionalism while conducting our investigation.

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The teen drug problem in America has drawn the attention many parents in recent years. According to the 1998 National Household Survey on Teen Drug Abuse, nearly ten percent of teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen used illegal drugs - a number less than 11.4 percent from just the year prior – including marijuana (8.3%), cocaine (0.8%) and inhalants (1.1%) (SAMHSA, 1998). Statistics for 2002 reflect a slight drop in teenage drug usage to 8.3 percent for overall consumption of all illicit drugs. Still heading the list as most commonly used drug for troubled teens was marijuana (75% of all teen users) followed by cocaine (0.9%) and marijuana combined with one or more other drugs (20%). Cigarettes were found to be a strong precursor for troubled teens to who used illicit drugs, representing about eight times the number to those teens who smoked (48.1%) and those teens who did not (6.2%).  (read entire article)



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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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